Adults: How can I help?

Does this sound like you….? or maybe someone close to you?

Adults: How can I help?

“How come everyone else has got their life together and I don’t”?

“I am in a really unhappy relationship, we just don’t seem to understand each other anymore”

“I want to do something else with my life but I’m unsure what and I’m scared to make that first step”

“I can’t get beyond a bad incident in my past, it’s with me every day”

“Help! I worry about going out in case I encounter a dog”

“I’m frightened of flying – I know its not logical, I’ve read all the safety statistics but I just can’t get past it”

“Panic attacks are ruining my life”

‘I’m really unhappy, I’ve been prescribed anti depressants but they just space me out, I can’t function ”

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