I help children feel happy & confident

Does this sound like your child?

  • A perfectionist and constantly self critical
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Angry for no apparent reason
  • Has trouble making friends
  • Hates being apart from you
  • Constantly showing signs of anxiety
  • Has panic attacks
  • Regularly say they feel ill (when they seem perfectly fine to you)
  • Scared of dogs, spiders, buttons, the dark, vegetables, going upstairs… or something else. I’ll leave you to fill in the blank!
  • Not sleeping
  • Bed wetting

To name but a few…

In many instances an issue may just be a phase or they might be copying someone else’s behaviour and quite likely will grow out of it… but in some cases it is good to seek help if you can’t see a way to solve the problem.

Help is at hand, just get in touch and we can chat it over, sometimes it can be a small change that makes all the difference.